E Commerce Trends in 2017

Retail industry passes through high end competition. Technology is playing its important role, who understands it right way as per trend and User's expectations, have great potential to be leader in his industry.

Few important points to implement for your retail business to prepare strategy.

1. GO MOBILE: User prefers mobile apps compared to desktop for easy to use and fast access. Make it simple and dashing to be competitive and attract users. 90% + People uses smart phones and its great option to sell more products.

2. GO DIGITAL: Digital marketing became essential now-a-days to promote your business, brand and products. Social networking companies offers their tools to promote your products and helps you to reach right customer. To include them as a part of strategy is great added advantage.

3. VIDEO CONTENT: Video Product presentation along with images give clear picture of products, that visitor takes quick decision, whether they are interested or not. They can feel, how its really look a like for them.

4. LIVE CHAT: Live chat option is one kind of service and based to support them. It increase sales, helps to retain users by solving their problem quickly. Business owner required to invest in customer support team (for large business) and minimum single person for start-ups. Many chat tools available to integrate with your Product Store.

5. AUTOMATED CONTENT: Technology is helping a lot to business owners. Those days are gone when Owner has to prepare content manually or has to leave products without content, having lack of precise content. Automation is latest trend in each industry. Artificial Intelligence(AI) tools or algorithams assist to prepare user friendly, product relevant content.

6. SAME DAY DELIVERY OPTION: Business model is evolving in retail industry. Big companies offers to deliver products on same day. This is mutual benefit from both sides.


User can be delight, if they have multiple options to pay and facility. More options helps businesses to increase sale and retain visitors.


1. Upgrade your website UI, if not upgraded in previous years. Design trend changes per year and User expects simple and descent look, varies business to business per industry. Visitor judges UI in 30 seconds, whether they are interested to buy products or not.

2. Integrate BI (Business Intelligence) tool to understand behaviour of visitors, helps you to analyse products sales, to prepare next business strategy, right direction of business plan...etc. On the basis of provided data, You can predict your business for forth coming years.

3. If you didnt use digital marketing previously, Starts now. The trend is visible across all sectors and industries, from media & telecom to energy, retail and public sector. Few companies are experimenting with and implementing digital technologies, many are finding it difficult to keep up, while few are getting success, by right way and right channel or precise digital strategy.

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